Saturday, February 28, 2009

Sunday Breakfast

So it's about time to post a bit on one of my habits

Sunday Breakfast

I may vary it, and mostly I do try to vary it, but here are a few themes

Bacon, Eggs, Potatoes
Sometimes and "Omelet" (which often fails), sometimes just over easy
Often with spinach
Almost always with a cheese of some sort (Leelanau Cheese Raclette is tops)

Cook up the bacon, mix of thick cut and maple cured
julienne the potatoes (handy mandoline) while the bacon is cooking - do it over a bowl of cold water, keeping the potatoes fresh
thin slice a nice sweet onion - about 1/2 onion - depends on how many we are serving
sometimes a red pepper, for color
trick - get a good apple (honeycrisp is great) and julienne it too

Now - potatoes, onions, apples (pepper if we sliced one - same shape as the potatoes) go into the hot bacon grease and fry up
turn frequently to brown well
Some sliced garlic ( or cheat with chopped ) to suit

Often steam up a batch of baby spinach at the same time

Bed of "taters & stuff" for our eggs, spinach if it was done

Trick on the eggs if you want "sunny side up", splash a shot glass of water in the pan after the eggs start to cook, cover with glass/pyrex top - this will slightly poach the top surface, only for a min or two.

If we do an omelet, it gets some variety, from cheese, to spinach, pine-nuts, maybe sliced dried tomato... 'shrooms, steamed asparagus tips

Serve with some good rye toast, and large, pulpy OJ

Have fun with it, see what you have to work with


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