Sunday, June 15, 2008

Grillin Time

OK, not quite Summer yet (next Saturday by the sun)
But, decided to do up some burgers today.

I was set to fire up the grill, but we had a bit of weather (Thunderstorms) so it was back indoors

Pound of ground round
divide into thirds

Take a small sweet onion, slice lengthwise, then each half lengthwise 3 more times and cross cut.
Goal is pieces about 1/8th inch wide, quarter long.
Similar for about 3rd of a red bell pepper
Heat some good oil and saute

Meanwhile, take the thirds of the ground beef, work in some garlic powder, dusting and repeatedly folding

Onions/Peppers should be done, drain for a moment on a paper towel, work into the beef thirds, making a indent with thumb and folding over ... try to make them even.

I like to make the cooking patties lozenge shape, thinner in the middle than the edges, they will plump up while cooking...

Now (since I didn't light the charcoal), take a ribbed skillet (for the sear marks) and get it HOT.

Once HOT - I was taught that you should almost not be able to hold your hand over it - this is VERY Subjective.
Toss the patties on either the grill or skillet and cook as you are use to ... total about 7 for me.

Ah ... now we move them to a frypan, modest heat
Shirley wanted some generic co-jack cheese on hers, (frypan gets glass top to watch)
I go for Humbolt Fog (no link, we're out right now) ...

Toss your buns on the grill (charcoal or skillet) to toast.

So there are your gourmet-grill burgers
Just remember, think "outside the box" .... what flavors do you like, can you incorporate them?


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