Sunday, May 01, 2011

Sunday Roast

We survived the wedding and were off to Sunday "Roast" a british tradition at the local pub.

The Havelock

Opened in 1996 the Havelock Tavern is one of London's original gastro pubs. Unlike many others that have come and gone since, we have changed very little over that time. Rather than become a restaurant in an old pub building, we focus on being a pub that serves really good food. The atmosphere is lively and informal so that anyone can eat, drink and feel at home. We don't take bookings and orders are placed at the bar. We are not trying to be sophisticated, but aim to provide you with a good, relaxing time.

Menu changes daily, but I suspect that they always have a roast beef ...

I started with smoked salmon on some beets - nice

and the Roast

good dollop of horseradish ... of course

all chased with a couple pints - sorry, no notes taken on the ale


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