Friday, April 29, 2011

London recap

Back from visit with our daughter and her husband who now live in London.

They have access to a nice variety of cuisines within short walks.

Arriving early AM (about 8) after a red-eye flight, we settled in and went for breakfast
Cafe Rouge which had the look and feel of a neighborhood bistro, until I started this post, I didn't know that it was a national chain. Very nice.

The next day ...
Light lunch while doing some grocery shopping with our daughter - Jamie Oliver's "Jamie's Italian"
I was looking forward to the "English wild boar salami - From the Cotswolds" ... alas, they were out,
settled for the "seasonal cured meat plank" 

Main was bucatini Carbonara "Tubular spaghetti with crispy fried smoked pancetta and ribbons of leek, tossed with eggs, thyme and Parmesan cheese" while the women picked other pastas (sorry, I forget which). 

We had to try the Posh Chips (we consider them french fries)  with "Insanely good truffle oil and parmesan" ... had to send those back for the truffle oil - sorry.
Our daughter chose MONTEPULCIANO D'ABRUZZO 2009 GRAN SASSO for our wine - nice.


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