Monday, August 16, 2010

Mission Table - The Team

It's been a while, but it's been a busy summer

We're spoiled with 3 James Beard House nominees for Chef of the Year Great Lakes, two within a couple miles of us.

When we need to get out, or to entertain, we have La Becasse and blu nearby.
We're spoiled

But last Wed, we had a treat.
After a day with co-owers of Earthy and Cherry Capital Foods (started with breakfast at Foothills Cafe then off to staff meeting at CCF) ... we had reservations, joined by spouses at Mission Table

Well, turns out that not only do we all supply chef Paul, but have gotten to know him over the last few months.

Shall I say we were treated well - no, better than well.
A great evening, great friends, great food, great atmosphere.

I doubt that I can cover all the dishes, we ended up turning the dinner into an extended tasting meal.

I only got a few shots ... iPhone

Starting with :

A Diver Scallop on pork belly with chanterelle's (Earthy of course) and some fresh corn, asparagus puree ... every bite was wonderful.

Next ... into the "appetizers"
I only caught one on camera ... we got too much into the conversation and food.

Fresh tomato bisque' with goat cheese - a bit spicy and wonderful

Other tastings - all shared

A lamb chop, Chapman Farms Beek Cheek Taco (wow), pickled beets, Risotto with corn and truffle butter, asparagus with quail egg and ... BLT (Tempura fried applewood bacon, zenner farms tomatoes, Mike Werp greens, green apples)

We then shared a Baker's Chicken, Walleye, Short Ribs, and a few I lost track of.

Desert : well this was indeed special

Star Thistel Honey from Santucci Farms, for Honey Ice Cream, on a biscuit made with Mangalitsa Lard (light and flakey) with apricot preserves...


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