Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Solstice dinner

We had a late supper at blu

Amuse buche : tiny blintz with a dab of sour cream and freshwater american caviar
Amuse buche 2 : comped some fresh made sausage served warm on bed of pea shoots

I went for the Pork Belly (of course) while Shirley tried the asparagus soup (end of season) :

Pork Belly, slow braised for six hours before skillet seared, mango-ginger glace, arborio patty and chive
Asparagus Soup, vegetable stock veloute', asparagus puree, lavender sea salt and pea shoots

Followed with: Local Arugula, Bardenhagen Farm strawberries, blue cheese, toasted walnuts and Balsamic vinaigrette

We both chose the salmon
Alaskan King Salmon, pan-seared, smoked bacon braised beet greens, roasted beets and turnips and polenta

Randy shared technique with the salmon
While I cover the pan and add a splash of white wine to poach while searing, Randy goes with salt & pepper then only cook one side (light olive oil) : result a nice crisp salmon, that is soft and rare on the bottom (flipped to crisp side up when served).

Dessert was: Fromage Plate, P'Tit Basque, Cambozola and Laura Chenel Chevre with honeycomb, nuts and lingonberries

Dinner was accompanied by the excellent as usual Paul Hobbs Napa Chard.


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