Friday, January 01, 2010

Salmon Eve

Quiet New Year's Eve at home
Decided to do up some salmon

Took about a pound of Atlantic Salmon (likely farm raised, but it's what I could get)
Skinned (the eagles and other raptors like the skins, tossed out for them)
Took a few slices of the belly for "crisps"
no end photo of the crisps - I toss them into the hot oil as I'm pulling out the rest
They may be a bit "fishy" but I like them

Use a high temp oil, I choose grape seed oil
you want to see the oil shimmer, or get dimples
before you put the fish in

Add the salmon, and a splash of whit wine
I use a local Chard
This poaches in addition to the frying

Quickly cover to poach

Meanwhile, we saute' the 'shrooms, steam baby spinach
'shrooms sauteed with good butter and splash of Marsala wine
Toast up some pine nuts, bit of olive oil on aluminum foil in the toaster oven

Salmon nice and "bronzed" ready to serve

I cheat and use Uncle Ben's "ready rice"
Brown 90 second microwave
Serve up, rice, topped with steamed spinach, then the salmon
Top with the toasted pine nuts

Some steamed broccoli on the side
Serve up with a nice Chardonnay

Happy New Year


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