Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Real quick meal

We couldn't decide tonight, eat in or out.
So I took quick look in the freezer, pulled some frozen "popcorn" shrimp - in hot water they were thawed in about 90 seconds.
Meanwhile water was setting to boil on the stove, ready for White Vita-Spelt Angel Hair pasta.

Angel Hair only takes about 4min when water is ready

Shrimp went into pan, with pat of butter, chopped garlic to suit (cheated with the jarred minced garlic - kept for situations like this), splash of Redoro olive oil.
Pinch (or two) of Tarragon

Less than 5min and pasta was drained, bowled, add the shrimp, tossed with a dash more of the oil then ...Yuzu Juice (Earthy.com of course)

The citrus of the Yuzu brightens up the dish!

Total prep, from figuring out what I had to plating up was well under 10min.
Quick and delicious.


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