Saturday, October 24, 2009


Up Front... Custom House beat Blackbird in our book

Blackbird - Menus - Dinner Menu

But we are now getting into the rarefied atmosphere of truly great restaurants, so coming in second is no big deal. Expectations are high, and it's the little things tha make the difference... some was which night was which place.
Even seating makes a difference... Blackbird we were near entrance, Custom House, we had window to the kitchen.

We shared a Charcuterie plate while we decided on dinner
Then the women went with soups, son-in-law the duck tartar,
I went with Hudson Valley Foie Gras with apple crisp - yum

Dinners - Pork Collar, Short Ribs, Lamb and Sturgeon - all excellent
All chased with some Evening Landing, Seven Springs Chard, wrapped up with some Tawny Port and single malts (of course)


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