Friday, July 10, 2009

Anniversary Dinner

Shirley and I visited another of the superb local restaurants
blu | Inspired Cuisine

Randy did his usual spectacular job.
The sunset was a bonus, but we knew it would likely be great

Manitou Passage, Lake Michigan, about 9:30 sunset

I did not take notes on the menu, but Randy, on request, emailed to me:

My Charcuterie plate last night had the following,,,, chicken and duck terrine made with pork side belly [all local meats], duck liver mousse, pork and duck rillettes and char grilled house cured maple bacon....yes, the maple is local too, from the tree in my front yard.

(my note : the Charcuterie would have been a meal in itself, Shirley went for the Tuna tartar, with some spectacular marinated onions on the side)

The salad consisted of bibb lettuce from TLC in Suttons Bay, strawberries from CCF, vinegar and oil from Fustini's in TC, spiced walnuts and pecans and domestic cows milk feta cheese.

Salmon, Copper River Sockeye Salmon, the meanest SOB in the copper river during the summer, they eat everything moving in site, including their own.., this adds to the beautiful deep color and flavor. Pan-seared and served atop some red & black kale from Sun-Ra farm in TC which I marinated 48 hours in lemon and olive oil. Topped with sauteed lobster meat and lobster sauce.

All with bottle of Duckhorn Sauvignon Blanc 2007 (Napa)

Wonderful Anniversary


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