Saturday, October 31, 2009

Cook's House

Dinner with friends

First off, Eric Patterson has a cozy place, only seats about 20, and it's bring your own bottle (wich is good, and saves a few $$$)

Eric and partner Jennifer are coming out with a cookbook for the Holidays
"Cooks’ House is more than just a collection of recipes. It’s a book that approaches cooking as an act that can only be truly done in the context of life and living. Cooking is more than putting a list of ingredients in a bowl and mixing. True cooking comes when we follow the seasons, when we learn to listen in on their rhythms. Cooking, at its foundation, is what makes it possible to live life fully, and in the process we can find truth and meaning."

We all went for the 5 course Tasting Menu
From memory:

Silver pumpkin soup
Roasted Chestnuts - Marc had brought them in
Risotto with some fresh sprouts (sorry, but I forget what the base was)
Pork Belly - yum, with some brazed greens, touch of star anise baked over potatoes, onions
Simple salad of fresh greens some soft cheese - did not record the "dressing" (very light, likely vinaigrette)
Eric comped us a cheese sampler, hard to soft, goat and cow's, including Aged Gouda, Manchego, a goat with green peppercorns, along with some shaved Leelanau Raclette, helping of local honey.
All followed by various desserts, chocolates, pumpkin creme brule'


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