Sunday, May 03, 2009

Rampin up

An Earthy Breakfast

Collected a few ramps (wild leeks) yesterday - for regular Sunday breakfast
Becoming a "rite of spring for us"

Ramps are rather sparse on our acres, not sure why, I guess it's soils/sun
Ramps are among the first growth in the spring, and by far the biggest.

A bit early, Trillium not out yet, and the bulbs were a bit small
Give them another week or two.

Some shots I took a few years ago
Ramps Morels Fiddleheads Recipe - Wild Harvest

I use a version of this recipe : Ramps Recipe

As with most, this is just a start, I rarely measure, just eyeball

No shots of final plating ... it gets a bit busy with timing

Especially as I was making "bacon fried" potatoes (juillene potatoes, onions and apple grilled in bacon drippings), easy over eggs (farm fresh Bakers Green Acres), toast (I never manage to get the toast timing right).
Serve up with OJ and fresh (fair trade) coffee.


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