Wednesday, March 25, 2009

An "Up North" Institution will not re-open this season

Nice review on likely the best of the best in Northern Michigan

A Loving So Long to Tapawingo - MyNorth

Several years ago, I arranged dinner at Tapawingo for my wife's birthday (early May), we live an hour and a half or so away.

It appears that there is another John Hoagland, top morel forager over by Boyne, and that he had dropped off morels just a little while before I called.

This caused some initial confusion at the desk.

Well, we made our reservations, made it to dinner, I dropped a business card and the chef comped us the most beautiful LARGE white morel, stuffed with small morels drenched in a morel sauce.

I can't even recall the rest of the dinner - we were just blown away.

We've dined at some of the best restaurants in Paris, New York, Chicago and elsewhere, but Tapawingo was one of the best.


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