Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Last Dinner in Japan

After some back and forth on where to try, and at the end of a longish day we decided on

Keyaki Teppan Grill : Hotel New Otani Osaka 

No photos this time

While Shirley went for the Taikou dinner, I took the Spring Dinner

Beef Tataki
1/2 lobster (lengthwise) Kabosu butter sauce
Filet of Kobe Beef
Seasonal veggies
Green salad
Garlic rice
Miso soup and pickles

Spring Dinner:
Fresh Fish Tataki with Spring Veggies
Prawn & Scallops soup
Seasonal Salad
Filet of Kobe Beef
Seasonal Veggies
Steamed Uonuma Rice
Miso Soup and Pickles
Ice Cream (vanilla)

Chef prepared all on hot skillet in front of us (think very high scale Beni-Hana) and spoke a bit of English

"Japanese Garlic ... very good, Chinese garlic - cheap"

Wonderful meal, great view


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