Monday, April 20, 2009

11 Course meal

Last week, on tour through Japan, evening in Kyoto, which ended up as our favorite city.
We're already talking about a return, more leisurely visit.
The city is host to dozens of temples and shrines

Located in the same building as Minamiza Theater, Kyoto

We were treated to an 11 course meal
Traditionally this should have taken over 2 to 3 hours, but as we were on a tour, it was shortened to about hour and a half as we had a theater performance schedule

First: umaina sesame blend - the relish, white miso sour and takenoki (sprout) rice

Next was "okinawa" pumpkin jelly with prawn in broccoli soup, steamed duck, soba nori roll and fried bean curd stuffed with sushi-rice

Third was abalone dumpling, turuna and kinome in a "special soup"

Fourth was sashimi of flatfish (halibut?), manguro (tuna) and cuttlefish ... yum

Fifth was grilled roast beef, and fresh veggies

Sixth was our "fry dish" (tempura) of prawn, "mangangi" green pepper, small onion, young corn and orkura

Seventh was "takenoki" (sprouts) with boiled dried bonito, "ainame" and "oranda"

Next was a piping hot "Boil Bowl" which was literally bubbling hot
Beef in miso stew, with fresh "koimo" and "konnyaku" (sorts of potatoes) and leek

Number Nine was grilled eel on rice with yuto and "roasted rice"

Tenth was Japanese radish, cucumber, sibazuke and siokonbu

Wrapping up was strawberry mousse/bean paste topped with sliced strawberry and melon


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