Friday, May 11, 2007

The Good and the Indifferent

Dinner the other night at:

Fultons on the River - Levy Restaurants - Chicago, IL

Good food, enthusiastic but spotty service, in other words, server was bubbly when she showed, but seemed to be pre-occupied with a larger private party.

Shirley went for "Jumbo Dayboat Sea Scallops with Mushrooms" - Saute'ed with Applewood-smoked Bacon and Artichokes, while I tried the "Wild Alaskan King Salmon" - Cedar Plank Roasted with King Crab Butter Sauce.

Both were good, but what blew me away was the Appetizer I tried : Deviled Eggs.

Now these were not your run of the mill, slightly dry, dusted with paprika eggs.
Nope (and I'll have to come up with a recipe) ... Topped with Osetra Caviar and White Truffle Oil Drizzle.

We could substitute Caviar & Roe @ or skip that part all together, the 1/2 thimble of caviar was almost not noticed, more for decoration, and excuse to bump the price.

What was outstanding was the Truffle Oil.
See White Truffle Oil- Urbani - 8.45 oz @

As I write this on Friday, dinner was Wed, but my taste buds still say: "Hey... THAT was Special!"

I'm thinking of whipping a bit of truffle oil in with the "Devil" for the eggs.

Further, on presentation, they sliced the whites lengthwise, and sliced a small bit off of the bottom of each half, so that they would lay flat on a plate, almost, but not quite like a litte "boat" to carry the filling.

All in all, we'll probably keep on the list, but it will be a while before returning.

In the meantime, tonight we're off to TRU


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