Friday, March 16, 2007


Ran across some old notes from travel to Italy, Oct '01

No recipes, just some menu notes.

We traveled to Florence (Firenze) to visit daughter doing study abroad.

First night : Cinghiale Bianco
Farro soup
Parma Ham
Tagalinni with brown truffles
Wild Boar w/red sauce & polenta
House Chanti

Osteria del Cinghiale Bianco | Restaurant Review | Florence |

Next day was off to Sienna
Lunch at a Taverna for
Salmatomboca (sp?)
Spinach Rotinni stuffed with carrots,potatoes & zuchinni in a balsamic stock

Dinner back in Firenza @ Beccafino
Sea Scallops w/Chanterells
Truffle shavings over roasted red bell pepper
Then Seared Salmon w/pesto, on ratatouli of red & yellow onions, Sicilan white raisins, peapods, zuchanni, olives & pine nuts
Shirley went with Fava Bean Soup then
Grilled Octopus and coconut

Beccofino | Florence Restaurants | Fodor's Online Travel Guide: "Beccofino"

Next night was Ristorante La Loggia
Notes are that the view was great, but meal not memorable.
Florence ( Firenze ) Italy Restaurants



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