Friday, February 16, 2007

Enjoy ... Life

Returning to Earth By Jim Harrison - Books - Review - New York Times:

( Jim use to be the Food Editor for Esquire, among other writings )

"Harrison’s Five Rules for Zestful Living"


1) Eat well, of course, avoiding the ninny diets and mincing cuisines that demonize appetite and make unthinkable a tasty snack of hog jowls. We’re all going to die. Might as well enjoy a little fat along the way.

2) Pursue love and sex, no matter discrepancies of desire and age. Romance is worth the humbling.

3) Welcome animals, especially bears, ravens and wolves, into your waking and dream life. An acceptance of our common creaturedom is essential not just to the health of the planet but to our ordinary happiness. We are mere participants in natural cycles, not the kings of them.

4) Rather than lighting out for territory, we ought to try living in it.

5) And finally, love the detour. Take the longest route between two points, since the journey is the thing ...


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