Wednesday, March 28, 2007

No Wine before it's time

From NYTimes, a piece on cooking with wine.
I'd learned this a few years back, but sorta let it slip as of late, at least in terms of making sauces.
I've continued to splash wine in with our 'shrooms when saute'ing, and for cooking fish (see prior post on salmon & 'shrooms).

Now I'll stick to modest "drinkable" wines vs "cooking wines"
It Boils Down to This: Cheap Wine Works Fine - New York Times

"But it is not always helpful in the kitchen. For one thing, short of a wine that is spoiled by age, heat or a compromised cork, there are few that I categorically would not drink. (Although a cooking wine, which is spiked with salt and sometimes preservatives, has never touched my braising pot.)

And once a drinkable wine has been procured, trying to figure out whether it is the best one for a particular recipe can seem impossible. How much of the wine’s subtler qualities will linger in the finished dish? How much of the fruit flavor? Does it matter whether the wine is old or young, inexpensive or pricey, tannic or soft?"

Conclusion - cooking changes the wine, inexpensive works, just caution on those that are too tannic.

"Over all, wines that I would have poured down the drain rather than sip from a glass were improved by the cooking process, revealing qualities that were neutral at worst and delightful at best. On the other hand, wines of complexity and finesse were flattened by cooking or, worse, concentrated by it, taking on big, cartoonish qualities that made them less than appetizing."

The link should be a perma-link, bypassing the "Archive Gate" so check out the rest of the article and maybe the recipes.

All in all, good to know.
I'll "stock" up on some modest reds & whites for the stove.


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