Saturday, May 09, 2009


I intend to try this one soon as we get home

The Minimalist - The Flavor of Spring -

"In an ideal world, here’s what a spring dish might look like: you take morels from your foraging trip, cream and butter from your cow, and asparagus, shallots and herbs from your garden. You combine them in any way that makes sense to you, and then you thank the forest, the cow and your backyard for providing you with such amazing bounty."


"Combining dried and fresh mushrooms is a reliable way to transfer the exotic flavor of truly wild mushrooms to tamer domesticated ones. Using the soaking liquid for the morels makes it certain that none of their essence goes to waste.

The procedure itself is straightforward, with one exception: half-cook the asparagus first, so that it finishes in the cream, therefore absorbing a bit of it and becoming tender yet not mushy."

Recipe - Asparagus With Morels and Tarragon -


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