Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Late Harvest update

Earthy Delights - Gourmet Purveyor

Well, it looks like the blonde morel season is coming to an early end after all.

Ramps will probably also be finishing up within a few days, too.
Regular dark morels and fiddleheads should still be coming in steadily for a while longer.

We're working as fast as we can to schedule delivery dates and ship previously placed orders, but there are still a few folks who we haven't been able to contact. If you have placed an order, but have not yet heard from us, please send an email to info@earthy.com or call us at 1-(800) 367-4709.

PLEASE REMEMBER - Your order containing wild produce, such as morels, ramps and fiddleheads may not ship on the same schedule as our other fresh produce - we'll call or email to let you know as soon as they are ready to ship."


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